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                Egypt Suppliers & Buyers

                Egypt Suppliers & Buyers

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                Egypt Suppliers & Buyers

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                Egypt has always been a major export hub throughout the ancient history. But it is currently the 52nd largest exporters in the world. 2016 saw Egypt imported around $57.7B and exported $22.4B approximately, that resulted in a negative trade balance of around $35B. In 2016 the total GDP of Egypt was estimated to be over $336B with GDP per capita to be $11.1k. Egypt has always been a top exporter of gold, but apart from that, it also exports crude petroleum, refined petroleum, nitrogenous fertilizers and insulated wire. Its top imports are Petroleum Gas, Refined Petroleum, Cars, Packaged Medicaments and Wheat. The main export destinations of Egypt are UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Italy, and Turkey. Egypt imports largely from China, Germany, Russia, US and Italy. Although Egypt has faced economic crisis during the last decade, it has now moved forward from that and started to grow economically through its industrial success which is largely up to the introduction of B2B platforms, ecommerce websites, business directories, b2b yellow pages and so on. eWorldTrade.com is playing an important role in introducing traders and businesses in Japan to rest of the world, providing them with real business solutions and extraordinary growth opportunities. eWorldTrade (Best Egypt B2B Directory) is aiding businesses in Japan and around the world with its unique business development features, bringing them closer to the world trade and transforming them to trade in the most efficient manner. eWorldTrade provides Free membership first to new companies, so join now and use the maximum trading tools to grow your export to next level.

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